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He likes long walks on the beach and holding hands with vector graphics and hand-coded HTML—web-standards?—they join in for sunsets and rainbows, too.

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Digital Works

Vector artwork can at times seem cold but it's the precision that attracts me. There's a versatility and flexibility in the medium and I strive to make the images breathe, to imbue them with character. To allow them to live within the math.

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Painted Works

Whether it's with oil or watercolor, gouache or Corel Painter, there's something tangible with painted mediums. I do like to tell story in my work and nothing seems so direct as the connect between hands and paper.

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Web Design Works

Wikipedia states: "A site is the location of an event, structure, object, or other thing…" and I tend to think of websites in the same manner. A foundation, a home for your web-persona and subject to the same care & crafting as a physical one.

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I tackle design challenges by delivering effective visual design, utilizing more than a decade of Adobe design software experience, and handcrafting aesthetic yet functional websites.

I am a classically trained illustrator born with a brush in hand but with a deep love for all things vector. Initially a figure artist, I found the challenge of depicting people via points & bezier curves a challenge. It still is. I love it.

About Linehaüs

Linehaüs is the summary web-portfolio of San Francisco based illustrator, digital artist, web & graphic designer and perpetually impending comicker, Hakim Sayyed-Terry. Call it ver. 2.0 Beta, welcome. Mouse around. Enjoy.

Contact Me

Please use this form for the fastest way to contact Linehaüs. I look forward to beginning a conversation about illustration or design. Or Japanese canned coffee which I'm in to as well.

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