Art prints available

New expanded prints are coming. Be sure to stay tuned for more Isomurderic prints as well as others.

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I have been recently inspired by true crime podcasts, but have had a long standing filtration with forensic documenataries. My work revolves around the telling of story, of mystery. It’s a thread that I’ve had running through my earliest artworks. I figured it was time the tell some simple stories about death.

Isomurdric illustrates an aspect of crime scenes using an isometric world view to help distance the observer, to help keep the messiness of the most unsettling of unsettling subject from overwhelming. By pulling back and seeing through a dispassionate lens, we can maybe try to make sense of the brutality and heartlessness of murder and the randomness of accidental death. The scenes depicted are based on scenarios gleaned from film, documentaries, and the good old fashioned existential dread.